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Are you looking for a change of direction?

Tired of your current image?

Want to look great and feel good about yourself?

Then I can help!

I am an image consultant, which means I guide you with what to wear in terms of colour, clothes, makeup & hair, basically anything and everything so that you look better, more professional and more beautiful.

The power of personal appearance can have a huge impact. Studies in Europe and in the UK show that top managing and personnel directors agree that good personal presentation is a key factor to career development.

The colours that you wear can change your mood and it can change the perception that others have of you.

Why do a Colour / Style Analysis?

Every individual is unique and colour / style analysis is tailored to your unique characteristics.

It will help to buy fewer clothes while giving you more to wear. Did you know that most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time?

An outline of the services I provide:

Colour Analysis

colour analysis The visual impact of colour on a person is immediate and lasting. A colour consultation can open up a world of possibilities to you and explain away some of your past disasters. Discover which colours bring you to life and which ones drain you. Eliminate any uncertainty in future colour selections.

Individual Colour Analysis takes 2-3 hours

You will be draped to determine your best colour direction

about colour You will receive a 15 page mangual on:

  • The Importance of Colour
  • The Influences of Colour
  • Understanding Colour
  • Colour Groups
  • Combining Colours
  • Know your seasonal colour

Face Shape Analysis

face-shape-analysisFace shape is determined to find your most flattering
makeup application,
eyewear and

Hair acts as a frame for the face and certain styles lengthen the face, while others shorten the face.

Eyewear that enhance and balance face shape and for accessories the best earring shapes and necklaces for your face shape.

Professional Make-up Consultation

professional makeup This service is available to those clients who have already had their colours analysed.

The proper colours to match skin tone, hair and clothing
Eyebrow shaping
makeup application Special techniques for hiding facial flaws
Day make-up and Night make-up
Make-up for Special Occasions
Proper skin care before applying make-up
Make-up removals
Enhancing your best features
Educate on proper make-up application
The usage of make-up tools
Which make-up is right for you

Figure and Style Analysis

figure and style analysis Style and Figure Analysis builds on what you learn from your Colour Analysis consultation.

You will discover how to dress for your shape with confidence. You will find that knowing which styles suit you will cut down your time and money spent agonising over an outfit and whether it is the right shape for you, your lifestyle and your personality.

Have you ever wondered why some clothing styles compliment you while others sabotage your appearance? This analysis will provide you with information on your figure type and how to make the most of your personal assets while minimizing perceived opportunity areas. image style You will learn the best styles, shapes, lines and proportions for your body type. A customized Style Guide will be developed for you.




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  • Colour Analysis
                Time: (2-3 hours)
                Cost: R400-00 p.p
  • Face Shape Analysis
                Time: (1h00)
                Cost: R200-00 p.p
  • Professional Make-up Consultation
                Time: (2h00)
                Cost: R390-00 p.p
  • Figure and Style Analysis
                Time: (3-4 hours)
                Cost: R695-00 p.p
  • Image Workshops / Presentations
                Cost: R600-00 p.p
                Detail: 4 topics 4-6 people
  • Style + Full colour analysis
                Cost: R1000-00 p.p